Saturday, November 3, 2012

Good Looking At

Not me.. I know it's never me. Haha. Titled this post 'Good Looking At' di dahil 'em good looking and all ha. No walking out please? Weeeeeeh.

| Top - Thrifted | Denim Blazer - Next | Pants - 168 | Shoes - Solemate |

I'm a big fan of patong-patong-patong stuffs - you should know if you're browsing my blog for quite sometime na. Hoho. Styling is perfect especially when you're onto some vintage-ish eklavoos! And anything paired with a non sleeve denim blazer is quite a trend (agad-agad!) Hahaha.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Visiting The Souls

Hi! Today we reminisce those old good souls which played somehow, somehere, a huge part in our lives. Let's seize this day (and yesterday) to pray for these people who will always and forever be miss.

The oh-sooo-big clan of Mama.. 

P.S The family that stays together... ahm.. maliit kasi ang lona nila.. Hahaha!

Yes. They will now be absent in the future, but they will never absent in our hearts.. Tadaaah.

You? Have you visited a soul today? <3

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Little Bit of Drama

There are times when things in life are getting fuzzy and not a single answer is coming our way..

Oh well. Let it not get the best of you. A big thumbs up with a piece positivity and violaaaa!, it will turn out as good as it was suppose to be.. as how it was written by our dear director, God.

Life is only a blur if you stop focusing...

Happy Halloween people!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Too Tired of Taking Care of Myself

Damn.. I never stop stalking clothes anywhere and everywhere.. Whether for blogging purposes, or really my what-you-call addiction, or just a tiny source of happiness, I dunno, I don't stop, I mean I can but I couldn't.. You know what I mean?

Worst part of it? I usually do this with my own source of kilig but now getting used to do it alone. Tadaaaaah.. Here comes the emote part. Am too tired of stalking fashion at it's finest with myself.. When do I get to bring a new partner in crime kaya again?

#JustSaying #JustAsking #Wander

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Pretty Becki-less

Do you know Taylor Momsen? The lesser annoying Jenny from Gossip Girl, yes, she is.

Well, I was a fan.. Was.. But since she got very wild and preppy since she rocked (being the lead vocalist of The Pretty Reckless), tssss, she just bursted into a bad ass girl (kalurkeeey lang). Oh well, let's stop from there.. baka mapompyang pa ko ng stupid cybercrime law na yan. Hihihi.

 | Top - My-Soon-to-Open-Shop | Short - DIY | Shoes - Solemate | Bag - Thrifted |

Back to my blog, so, to remove myself from being pissed off from all these Taylor Momsen thing, blog title will be dedicated to her nlng. Haha. She's the pretty reckless, really reckless - okay, let's all be happy for her darker everything endeavor, go ahead and curse the world like what you always say, good luck with that..  and me, I will just be here, right here in the corner, being your pretty becki-less version. Haha. Beki and pretty, very beki, and lesser fucked up! :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Gloomy Versus Bloomy Day

'Photogenic daw ako'.. - the first and the ONLY compliment I ever got from my supportive (pweeeh!) brother dear. Hahaha. Too once-in-a-blue-moon adjective that I have to take note of it. Bleeeeeeh.

 | Denim Top - Next | Red Pants - Landmark | Shoes - Tomato |
This gorgeous bag is one of the awesome items I got from Ukayers..
Hoho! Say hello to my 120 pesos banig bag! Oh dibaaa? How bongga lang??

This pants is only a day older (kakaborlak ko lang sa Trinoma yesterday) but yeeeees, I was so furious to wear it sooo there you go. Haha. And since it's warmer than ever outside and there's no signs of brrrrrrrr months pa (kainis!), I decided to pair it with my favorite denim top and olaaaa, bongga na siya.. Haha!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bringing That Aztec Vibe Into Life

Pattern X Aztec.

One of my favorite poppin' look - quite simple but this made me rock my asses off at the recent Rock Festival I've attended to. Show some love to my Aztec bustier dress which made me feel girly even for just 5 seconds (nakatulong magboost ng, you know.. ahahaha!)

| Dress - The New Used | Denim Blazer - Next | Shoes - Parisian |
 See how I got my new future here? Hahahahaha!

 I know I have to eat more. Eemmmm so yatot! O.o

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bazooka Rock Pre Parteeey!

This is the VERY reason for missing my blog for some weeks! The rocker alter-ego of me kept me too effin' crazy that I lost my kumi-kire blogger self. Haha. Sareeeeh naa!

Oh well, I got to attend this Bazooka Rock Festival (the best rock festival of all!) and I was more than lucky to have met some of the bands performing before the event! Yes, MEET!.. like inches away! Wheeeeew! Thank God. Hihi.

Nga-nga to the highest level! Haha
 Forever the Sickest Kids! Weeeeeeeeh!
 Avastera in the house and a little akbay c/o Dave! Hihihihi.

The truth is, I was really hoping to meet the guys from Mayday Parade. Huge, huge fan.. But hey! Avastera and FTSK are pretty cool so nothing to be sad about. Plus they're way good looking as always which makes it more than worth it! Hohoho. :)

Thank you to my new sawi buddies Shai, Mica and Chelcie.. And ofcourse, thanks Megamall! :))

Photos c/o

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