Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Pretty Becki-less

Do you know Taylor Momsen? The lesser annoying Jenny from Gossip Girl, yes, she is.

Well, I was a fan.. Was.. But since she got very wild and preppy since she rocked (being the lead vocalist of The Pretty Reckless), tssss, she just bursted into a bad ass girl (kalurkeeey lang). Oh well, let's stop from there.. baka mapompyang pa ko ng stupid cybercrime law na yan. Hihihi.

 | Top - My-Soon-to-Open-Shop | Short - DIY | Shoes - Solemate | Bag - Thrifted |

Back to my blog, so, to remove myself from being pissed off from all these Taylor Momsen thing, blog title will be dedicated to her nlng. Haha. She's the pretty reckless, really reckless - okay, let's all be happy for her darker everything endeavor, go ahead and curse the world like what you always say, good luck with that..  and me, I will just be here, right here in the corner, being your pretty becki-less version. Haha. Beki and pretty, very beki, and lesser fucked up! :)


  1. Nice outfit post! Keep it up, girl!


  2. naisingit pa ang cybercrime law, haha, cute!


  3. Love that blouse :D


    OH! Don' forget to check my Anna Dello Russo at H&M GIVEAWAY :).


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