Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bazooka Rock Pre Parteeey!

This is the VERY reason for missing my blog for some weeks! The rocker alter-ego of me kept me too effin' crazy that I lost my kumi-kire blogger self. Haha. Sareeeeh naa!

Oh well, I got to attend this Bazooka Rock Festival (the best rock festival of all!) and I was more than lucky to have met some of the bands performing before the event! Yes, MEET!.. like inches away! Wheeeeew! Thank God. Hihi.

Nga-nga to the highest level! Haha
 Forever the Sickest Kids! Weeeeeeeeh!
 Avastera in the house and a little akbay c/o Dave! Hihihihi.

The truth is, I was really hoping to meet the guys from Mayday Parade. Huge, huge fan.. But hey! Avastera and FTSK are pretty cool so nothing to be sad about. Plus they're way good looking as always which makes it more than worth it! Hohoho. :)

Thank you to my new sawi buddies Shai, Mica and Chelcie.. And ofcourse, thanks Megamall! :))

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Love, JC ♥♥

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