Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bringing That Aztec Vibe Into Life

Pattern X Aztec.

One of my favorite poppin' look - quite simple but this made me rock my asses off at the recent Rock Festival I've attended to. Show some love to my Aztec bustier dress which made me feel girly even for just 5 seconds (nakatulong magboost ng, you know.. ahahaha!)

| Dress - The New Used | Denim Blazer - Next | Shoes - Parisian |
 See how I got my new future here? Hahahahaha!

 I know I have to eat more. Eemmmm so yatot! O.o


  1. Great look! That dress is really lovely :)

  2. That dress is dainty and funky at the same time :)

  3. nice blog.. your dress was really cute.. Btw, i nominated you for the Liebster Award. for more info here's the link:

    i am also conducting a giveaway.. if you're interested you can join here:

    i hope we could also follow each other.. just tell me.. ^^
    more power to your blog..xoxo


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