Monday, October 29, 2012

Too Tired of Taking Care of Myself

Damn.. I never stop stalking clothes anywhere and everywhere.. Whether for blogging purposes, or really my what-you-call addiction, or just a tiny source of happiness, I dunno, I don't stop, I mean I can but I couldn't.. You know what I mean?

Worst part of it? I usually do this with my own source of kilig but now getting used to do it alone. Tadaaaaah.. Here comes the emote part. Am too tired of stalking fashion at it's finest with myself.. When do I get to bring a new partner in crime kaya again?

#JustSaying #JustAsking #Wander


  1. Whoah. I never get tired of window shopping too. The funny and saddest part is when your out just for a window shopping then you go home with a paper bag on your hand. :) haha! By the way I'm a new follower. Hope you could check mine too.



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