Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm No Green Archer

Don't get me wrong, I love all universities out there.. blue eagles, the maroons, green archers and our very own mighty maroons.. It just so happen I had this love for the archers' color! Yebaaaah. Very calm and nature-ish.. Dibeeey?

Not to mention, my our current project is being invaded by these conio kiddos.. (nosebleed for life na tuloy ang peg..) They don't read this soo I can do my 'buwahahahaha'!

P.S It's not even a green jacket at all.. -> insert Abe's havey Canon Powershot here!


  1. Letterman jackets are always so cute! :) Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you can follow. :D

    Gazillionth Thought Bubble

  2. we're rivals pala! coz am a true BLUE
    ateneo fan haha
    nice jacket though :)

  3. JC. Seriously? "Conio Kids"? Whatevs


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