Monday, July 23, 2012

A Walk with Shing

Heeey! A lot has happen since I made my page, Ferrero and Fate a year ago.. Past stories had been very much of a achy strokes that I don't feel like going forward with such stories behind..

So with that.. Goodbye kisses to Ferrero and Fate and hello to.. A Walk with Shing!! Hahaha. You guys will walk with me, Chrishing, as a scroll down the streets of my Weirdo World avenue. Bongga!

You ready? Leggo!! XoXo


  1. ang bongga. kaya pala hinahanap ko sa reading list ang ferrero and fate wala na eh!!! Yay for the new blog title!!! I'm planning to change mine too. hehe :) love this photo girl :)!!

    ♥ Maria

  2. Hi shing! same with maria, I was also looking for ferrero and fate in my dashboard, good thing i tried using your new blog title as your url. cheers to your new blog adventure :)



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